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About Us

                              Building Bridges Philosophy 


Our goal for each child is to provide an environment of love and learning that will enrich their early childhood years. In order to make this possible, we will do the following:

* Fill their lives with loving, understanding childcare professionals who will nurture and enable them to fulfill their greatest potential.


* Provide opportunities for social and emotional growth. Give them the appropriate skills to make them successful as they begin their journey into Kindergarten and beyond. 

* Encourage our parents/ families to be a part of their child's early education to "Bridge the Gap Between Home and School"


Community Testimonials


Placing your child into a care facility is one of the most courageous acts any parent can do.  You are entrusting your most precious gift to someone else.  While it was the hardest decision I have yet to make, the pain of separation is lessened by the love the ladies in the Infant Room show to my son.


~First Time Mom


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