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Testimonials and Reviews


Building Bridges Child Development Center proudly serves the Pulaski County area by providing quality childcare services.  The following testimonials/reviews are just a small snapshot of the positive feedback that we have received over the years. 


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Foster Family Testimonial

On July 19, 2013 my husband and I began our journey as foster parents.  Our first major obstacle was to find someone to “babysit” our children while we worked. To be honest, at the time I had the mentality that daycare was just that, “daycare”. It was a place for the boys to go and where they could be watched while we worked our full time jobs. At the time, I didn’t give much thought to the fact that the boys would be developing during the hours of 8am to 5pm.


We found a place to “babysit” them while we worked, but what we didn’t find was a place that was helping them learn and develop. After days of constant screaming and other issues, it finally dawned on me that one of the boys in particular needed more than just a “babysitter”.  He needed people who were going to help him develop, learn, and grow in the eight hours that we were not with him.


After this realization, we made our move to Building Bridges Child Development Center.  When I read the name of this center, I don’t see “daycare”, I don’t see “babysitter”. The word that sticks out to me is DEVELOPMENT. Our son has gone from a child who knew absolutely no words when he came to our home, to a child who has begun the phase of “What’s that?”  He has went from banging his head on the floor to being able to tell us what he needs and expressing his emotions in a more positive and productive way.  Without the consistency of the wonderful staff at Building Bridges Child Development Center and my interaction with each worker to ensure that he received the help he needed, I do not believe the improvements in his behavior and social skills would have happened.  Our other son, who was just an infant when he started at Building Bridges, is now a toddling one-year old who has learned to sit, stand, and now walk while at Building Bridges.


I say all of that to say this... Some of you may have the same mentality that I had, “I just need someone to babysit my child while I work.”  “I’m too busy to be involved.”  If this is your mentality, I urge you to take the time to really speak to these wonderful people who take care of your child while you work. They not only take care of them, but more importantly they TEACH them. Another thing I urge you to think about and consider is how important it is to be involved in and support what goes on at Building Bridges.  If you are interested in becoming more involved, come out and join us at our next Parent Committee Meeting.  You are under no obligation to do anything or even join.  All you have to do is come out and see what goes on behind the scenes and what you can do to ensure that Building Bridges Child Development Center continues to grow and help not only your children, but future children of our community.

Proud Mother Testimonial

I just want to say THANK YOU to all the staff at BBCDC for your part in making sure my child is well taken care of.  But it is more than that, you spend more waking hours with my precious baby girl than I get to.  She has learned so much since beginning there a year and half ago. She started out as a very shy and very quiet little girl who barely spoke.  But now she is a full-of-life sassy little diva who can make anyone laugh even on their darkest days.  Every day she comes home with a new song to sing for me or a new activity that she expects Mommy to automatically know to do also.  As I'm sure many other parents also feel, you are so much more than a "daycare".  You truly teach and develop our children into awesome kids. I'm truly blessed to have you all in my life and I would even say family.

Pre-K Parent

Our son Ryan started at Building Bridges at 8 months old and finished at the center after completing the Pre-K program in June of 2013.  He is now a 1st grader at Critzer Elementary.  I have said it to so many parents that are contemplating putting their child in a pre-k program that Building Bridges by far has the best program.  Ryan excelled in kindergarten testing at the top of his class in both math and reading. I believe that the early education that the staff at Building Bridges provided Ryan with the foundation to succeed in school.  Although, we no longer have a child at Building Bridges I will continue to be a proud supporter of the education that they provide children in the local community.  They have created a center where you are family and your child is treated like family.  Hats off to all the staff at the center.

Thankful Parent

Kendra has been with Building Bridges ever since she was 6 weeks old.  I have been very blessed for her to be somewhere where they love the children and take good care of them.  Kendra learned so much from being in daycare.  She was ready for school with no problems.  I am so proud of each teacher that works at Building Bridges; they  all do a great job in teaching the children.  I am thankful to have Tina and Carol as my friend but also thankful for everything they do each day.  We are truly blessed with great people.  Keep up the good work!

Mother of Three!

My son attended Building Bridges Child Development Center from the time he was 18 months old.  He is currently a first grader and doing very well in all areas.  The pre-school environment he was in at Building Bridges really helped him be ready to tackle kindergarten and, truly, beyond.  During his kindergarten year, my son achieved the maximum scores on both the language arts tests and mathematics tests used to help determine “first grade eligibility”.  His ability to be ready to learn and his willingness to learn was greatly fostered and most certainly encouraged by the teachers and staff at Building Bridges.  All classrooms, from infant to Pre-K, encourage creativity, learning in many ways and forms, collaboration, and fun. Because of my son’s great experience with Building Bridges, I highly recommend this facility. I am so very glad that my two younger children, have been able to also experience Building Bridges Child Development Center since they were each 8 weeks of age.  The facility absolutely offers children a great foundation on which to begin school!

Mother of Two!

We have had two children at Building Bridges, since infancy. The oldest is now in second grade and his younger brother is still at Building Bridges, in the 4-year-old class.  We have been absolutely amazed by the emphasis that Building Bridges places on education and how hard they work with the children to give them a jump start on learning.  When our older son got to Kindergarten, many of the concepts being taught to him were a review because he had already learned them in his pre-k class at Building Bridges. I think this jumpstart is really helpful to kids because they demand so much more of them now in school than they used to.  When our younger child started his current class at Building Bridges, we got a school supply list! (Just a few things, not too much!). He is already learning to write his name!! We are very pleased with the wonderful head start that our children have had in their educations, thanks to Building Bridges!!!

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