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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

We have implemented a well-rounded and all-encompassing curriculum in each of our programs.  These goals and objectives include the following areas:


  • Physical development

  • Language development

  • Reading readiness

  • Math readiness

  • Science exposure

  • Music development

  • Art exposure and development

  • Socio-emotional adjustment and personal habits


​Infant Room (Age 6 weeks - 1 Year)

We understand that transitioning an infant to a care facility is stressful and we make every effort to comfort and reassure parents.  Infants in this classroom will have opportunities for art projects, experiencing new textures, introduction to music/different sounds and playtime.   Infants have access to bouncy seats, swings and other age appropriate toys/books.  Teachers in this classroom work to establish a routine schedule for each infant, including feedings and nap times. 

Toddler Room (Age 1 - 2)

Children within this program will be exposed to a variety of colors, the alphabet and numbers 1 - 10.  Toddlers will be encouraged to express themselves vocally and emotionally, to interact with other children, follow simple instruction, utilize musical instruments and use a variety of art supplies.  Additionally, teachers in this classroom encourage self-control, proper play techniques and sharing. 



Pre-School One (Age 2 - 3)

Children within this program will be encouraged to master toileting needs, recognize colors, recite the alphabet, name recognition and pronunciation, count to the number ten, utilize musical instruments, explore various art supplies/materials, play and appropriately interact with other children and follow simple instruction/direction. In addition, teachers in this classroom seek to foster a postive self-esteem for each child, assist each child in developing an increasing attention span and encourage emotional self-control.

Pre-School Two (Age 3 - 3 .5) and Preschool Three (Age 3.5 - 4)

Children within these programs will be encouraged to master toileting needs (including unzipping, unsnapping, and unbuckeling), increase coordination during physical activities, recite his/her name and recognize his/her name upon verbal spelling, differentiate between opposites, count to at least 20, recognize the number 1 - 10, learn short songs, hold scissors properly, cut circles, increase hand and eye coordination and share appopriately with classmates.  Additionally, teachers in these classrooms encourage each child to develop respect for personal property, increase self-control and awareness, demonstrate independence and express sympathy.


​Pre-Kindergarten (Age 4 - 5)

Children within this program will be encouraged to lace his/her shoes, learn to skip, recite full name and names of parents, memorize phone numbers and home addresses, trace letters and numbers, count to at least 30, recognize numbers 1 - 15, understand the basic concepts of time, follow simple dance suggestions, differentiate opposites in music and create more realistic art.  Teachers in this classroom are crucial for preparing your child(ren) for a school setting.  They encourage children to participate as a group, accept consequences for behavior, and develop increasing self-control and awareness.

​School-Aged (Age 5 - 12)

This program provides child care services for school-aged children before and after school, during early-release or delayed opening schedules and throughout the summer.  This program provides a safe, healthy and exciting environment for children.  The program allows children to further develop social skills, personal responsibilities, self-respect and respect for others and increased self-esteem.  Teachers in this classroom expose children to a variety of developmentally appropriate activities that include, arts and crafts, self-directed play, field trips, dramatic play, indoor and outdoor physical activities, reading and quiet time.  During the school-year, children are provided a quiet opportunity to complete required homework.



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