Early Childhood Educators 

The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates, the great teacher inspires. 
William Arthur Ward


Tina Martin












Employment Date: May 2, 2005 (Opening Day “Building Bridges CDC”)


Tina began her childcare career at Old MacDonald's Farm daycare, a predecessor facility to Building Bridges in September 1988.


“My favorite part of the day is in the afternoons. As the children are leaving I get showered with hugs, kisses and sweet goodbyes. No better way to end a day.”




Carol Martin










Administrative Director


Employment Date: May 2, 2005 (Opening Day “Building Bridges CDC”)


Carol began her childcare career at Tiny Tots #2, a predecessor facility to Building Bridges, in September 1997.


“I enjoy making a difference not only in the children’s lives but the families I have the privilege of working with daily. It is very important to me that we provide a positive, safe and educational environment for each child in our care.”



Brandy Ferguson










Center Supervisor

Employment Date: November 2005


 “I enjoy the experience of watching a child learn and grow. Change comes each day and in many ways. It is very exciting to be a part of their early education.”


Cherish Williams











Lead Teacher / Infant Classroom


Employment Date: February 2007


 “It is my goal to assist each child in meeting their milestones during the first year of their life. The families are also very important to me.”

Alisha Nester










Lead Teacher/ Toddler Classroom


Employment Date: March 2015 

"My favorite part of being a teacher is building relationships with our families and their children. Encouraging each child to grow and achieve their milestones. I take being a role model to my children very seriously." 

Ashley Cross










Lead Teacher/ Preschool 1 Classroom


Employment Date: October 2012


“I pour myself into the children in my classroom because the look on their faces when they get it,  there's no greater accomplishment.

Abigail Gravley










Lead Teacher / Preschool 2 Classroom


Employment Date: May 2019

"Teaching the children new skills and the look of excitement on their faces, that is what makes my day.”

Cherish Bowden










Lead Teacher/ Preschool 3 Classroom


Employment Date: February 2011


" Working at Building Bridges has blessed me with the opportunity to utilize my love for children each day in my career. How much better can that get?"

Sandra Hall










Lead Teacher/ Pre-K Classroom


Employment Date: September 2007


Teaching means several things to me: An opportunity to see a child's face as they learn new things and experience new challenges. Getting to meet new families and coming away with some great friendships. Also just watching the children grow socially, making friends and getting ready for kindergarten. 

Ashley Frost











Lead Teacher/ School- Age Classroom


Employment Date: April 2018


“I enjoy the excitement of teaching a new concept and watching the children learning new things about their world"

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